Re: -10000000000 tacos

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wank about wank

god we're getting good at this shit

Re: op

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I have one friend who doesn't shower everyday, I was around her in person and it's true, she didn't stink. She smelled of laundry soap for days, I was in close proximity too.

Then I have an acquaintance (she's my roommates friend.) And she smelled like old Doritos and fish and makes my apartment stink for hours after she leaves. I dread every time she comes over.

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jeepers creepers was fucking awful, you should be ashamed of yourself for liking it regardless of the director tbh


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I see this fuckoff huge thread, come in for some jucy deets and they whined on their plurk and sent a letter to the mods. And some of their friends dropped. God damnit you guys for all that fapping I wanted at least some decent payoff.

Re: da

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i visit both regularly and wg is by far the worse of the two

it always has been

this thread is all carl weathers and i love it

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tbf i'm very skeptical and i have that reaction. there's always a small part of me going, "okay, but you're the skeptic who gets killed horribly in the movie, remember that"

Re: ayrt

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don't teach that impressionable ghost CUSS WORDS, you bad living influence!!!!


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let's all have a moment of gratitude for children everywhere that a) they recognize they should never have a real child, b) no agency would give them one, c) that they can't ever knock each other up