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you're welcome not to reply. idc. fact is, it's only marvel on the comic level. once they skipped into movie land and were picked up by different franchises, they stopped being able to hide under that umbrella. and tbh, i only see xmen chars that try to hide under the marvel umbrella, not mcu or netflix chars. just say what point you're taking them from, because ffs, dofp charles and xm:fc charles are different creatures. i'd like to know who i'm tagging. 'marvel' doesn't cut it for me, especially when your icon set has every james mccavoy face in all the x-men franchises.

hello. he's changed significantly in every movie. same with erik. and raven. all of them have.

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because it's the same character. it's a guy that's been made to be super fast named maximoff. just like his sister is 'weird' and has transformative super powers. it's the same fucking character. just one is a meta human and one is a mutant. they have the same name. they just don't have the same parents. it's one thing to have the same code name. it happens. it's another to have the same surname and first name and sibling with the same first name and surname who has the same powers as another franchise.

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Marvel has countless comics AUs and what-ifs, that are different continuities, yet still all considered Marvel. Each of these timelines also has a number designation (like 616). Marvel also gives these number designations to the TV and movie canons. Ergo Marvel itself considers them all part of the same Marvel multiverse, making your argument invalid.


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and again, that's under the comics rule. the movie rule is its own verse, much like 616 is or ultimates is. you'd use that as a descriptive is you were playing tj or clint or w/e. so that applies to mcu/marvel MOVIE vs xmen. marvel is not just one ubiquitous bubble in rp. not when there's a clear delineation between comic and la. you can't sit here and buckawk about people using la faces for jennifer walters, then cry that it's all the same universe when bucky and magneto face off. and that's why a definition is needed. because comic using la faces is very different from the la definition, which can all be conveniently housed under 'marvel' and yet not mean the same fucking thing.


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You gave me a giggle anon

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Believe it


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this is a weird molehill to die on


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Okay but, this might be crazy so hear me out:

Just because there's a media divide doesn't mean the different medias don't come from the same enterprise.

If one umbrella group puts out different versions of its own stories, you wouldn't say "oh Story Z isn't technically Umbrella why would you list it as Umbrella when it's Story Z" then you're a neurotic neckbeard.

Let's just say Umbrella Group puts out a ton of comics titled Story Z, and later movies are made using Story Z's characters and plotlines (like MCU, for example). We'll call that Story B. Clear so far? Good.

If people want to complain that someone rping from Story Z is using an unrelated LA PB instead of the comic graphics, fucking let them, because even if a movie part of the Story B line was made where they could take caps of that LA character instead, you know why people can still complain? BECAUSE IT'S A DIFFERENT GODDAMN STORY. It could be the same characters and the same plot, but it's different media and therefore it'll be using different storytelling methods.

Same or different universe, part of the Marvel multiverse, who gives a fuck. It's still under the Marvel umbrella. What people choose to say about someone using a PB or not has NO bearing on where a story's origins lie, so cut that smokescreen shit out.

You're a pedantic pissbaby clogging up flatview and I'm starting to think you might be a very dedicated troll. Hat's off to you if that's the case. Either way, you're a hair-splitting asshole. Shut the fuck up.


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Persona 5's Futaba Sakura.

Was super excited for her, especially with how everyone was hyping her up as the greatest character ever. I was eager to see how she was going to deal with her self blame for her mother's death and deal with the fact that their relationship had become strained and learn to trust people again and not make the same mistakes with Sojiro.

Turns out there's a convenient government conspiracy to take all the blame and she doesn't have to deal with it at all. I know, I know, change of heart and all, and she still has to do the social anxiety thing, but I found the whole tough relationship with mom then having to deal with the trauma of her suicide angle so much more compelling and kind of important and it's just instantly fixed and never mentioned again. From then on, she just got irritating with the forced video game and internet references and the constant fawning the cast does over her.


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Shizuo/Izaya is the best het ship of the lot

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/tips hat

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Take it easy anon. :(

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i really do completely understand the idea of an umbrella media, but that doesn't apply when one is actually putting a charles or an erik or a mystique on a meme under a 'marvel' umbrella. because it leads a tenuous question of whether it's marvel comics or marvel movies, in which case they should have put 'comics' or 'mcu/xmen' after it. just like there are comic nightcrawlers out there that put 616 vs ultimates or any other verse out there if they're playing from that specific verse. you're playing a character. you have to be playing a specific character, whether it be from the movies or the comics or w/e. so why is specifying so fucking hard? 'marvel' is like saying you can put ultimates kurt under 'marvel' or 'tj' under 'marvel' or 'deadpool' under 'marvel' or even 'quicksilver' under 'marvel'. okay, but what fucking rendition of x are you playing, you motherfucker? why is it so hard to just clarify?

yes. technically you're right. technically, it's all marvel. but you are rping a fucking character from a set time, place, and universe. so clarify. clarify, you mothertrucker.

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Bleach Dressing was a toilet anyway. I still remember Neko-boi Ukitake yaoi-ing around.


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i'm indifferent to canon korrasami but warmed up to it after reading some fic i thought was really good.


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Yuuri's arm is on backwards in that picture, which just goes to show where their priorities are.


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so will shizuo and izaya