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suikoden but it was some of the same people

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not with thunderous applause?

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holy shit the same people from the Sarah saga? that shit was real!?


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not very often, but yes. the player would hiatus one month, take a strike the next, and then make ac the third month to avoid being kicked. after over a year of this we told them they had to make ac for 3 straight months or leave.


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steve and prompto are seen as innocent pure smol cinnamon rolls, so its not a surprise


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just going to point out that people can change and imitate writing styles because i do it all the time on wg or rpa. that being said i see what you mean about it all lining up with the deets dropped on rpa at the time, thank you

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WG should just die at this point. People bring wank to RPA anyway. This comm feels useless now even with the occasional good drama like this Recolle thing.

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this is a big part of why i don't bother getting into fandoms anymore. the level of entitlement the most vocal, obnoxious fans (of any fandom) show is disgusting.
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i wish i could find a decent gif of the reunion dance! i don't play him too much, mostly just in PSLs with like my one friend who puts up with him, but i might toss him up on a meme one of these days, we'll see. nice to know i'm not alone!!


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I knew I was gonna end up hatin' the fuck outta Prompto once the fangirls got a hold of him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Shit, it happened to me twice and I felt terrible it happened the second time. At least I'm not alone.


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Is this supposed to be as sarcasm?

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big +1 on this. when christy went to dolly with her plot concerns dolly actually approached me and a few other people to see if we thought she had a point. the original transcript of that convo was actually scrubbed of all details about it being christy.

after dolly got banned it got out that christy found out about dolly talking to people re:plot stuff and felt it "misrepresented her". which is total bs because (with my deets removed) this is literally how our conversation went. at the time when I had no idea the "person" was christy:

paste includes a link to the original name-scrubbed convo between dolly and christy. at this point the original plot post was already locked.


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i hope so because that is literally just a one name ping


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?? that makes no sense, you don't like a character because of the fans?


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As someone who shares her fandoms, I hope she knows there's a lot of us who think she's a terrible writer. I'm not huge on gossip but we get a good laugh out of her on occasion, both writing and characterization-wise.

Don't really have any deets other than she's a true infant of the tit, but she is reading this. If you think canonmates are intentionally avoiding you and they're not just someone's sometimes character or they didn't see you on that meme or in that game? We did, Jeep.


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...french is an ethnicity? what?

Re: Cult

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Yes, Virginia, that shit was real. I'm not the anon above, but I was involved in the fandom when it went down. Most of the Suikoden fandom (at the time) was sane and respectful, but we will always be remembered for this small group of nutbars.


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but... rich people absolutely have extra giant kitchens

servants cook for them, sure, but they do so... in the kitchen

what kind of magical no kitchen land does the mod live in