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it's ok anon i'm sure your mom still thinks you're cool

Re: Anon from somewhere upthread

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So you're a cockhop who's butt blasted by someone not letting you hop that cock whenever you want to, huh?

Re: Anon from somewhere upthread

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"Know your preferences. Say your preferences. And just deal with the fact that other people have different preferences."

Keep working on that last part. I'm sure you'll get there someday.


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I think this one depends on the game and what all else is being posted. If it's a slow/small game one person doing that is pretty fucking tone deaf and self involved, yeah. They game isn't just a their character show.

Sounds like a typical ecats move though. Are they ecats?


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I'll tag characters from canons I don't know if the toplevel has a really obvious hook to it. But a lot of the time there'll be a whole bunch of toplevels that have things I could engage with about equally but I can't tag anything. Odds are I'm going to pick the character I know enough about to realize the longterm potential of the CR. So it's less not tagging because I don't know the canon and more not necessarily actively seeking out an excuse to tag a character who is a total unknown.

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they're both hot, why not



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I did anon! I havent heard back from them yet though.


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aaaaand he's out


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Not everyone who is more active than you is ecats. Jesus Christ.


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drop? ban?


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Ban. Mods received enough complaints for three strikes at once.

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Who knows if this will be soon on an old wg post but as someone else who is a fan of Evilious and doesn't like to bring it up publicly anymore because of the way they descend upon you: yeah. Including those.

They basically exist in a feedback loop of "our opinions are Right and the fandom is stupid because they interpret things differently or like other characters or elements of it." God forbid you like the parts that are the most popular and that the creator himself has written the most about, because they will both whine and complain that not enough people like THEIR favorite parts.