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maybe try playing a game that isn't utter garbage hth


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I miss when the randomized shipping one used to go around. Interesting conversations would come out of that when people just put their character names into the randomizer and shipped whichever two came out on top.

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someone fucking asked for explanation you literal piece of shit autist


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The allura one is from an interview where it said she was "as old as the rest of them."

It really hit the Shallura ship. Though honestly, considering how much the Palladins' age varies, and there's interviews which totally contradict that, I don't really take it into account.

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you tried


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what does any of this have to do with lesbians

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i bet you haven't even played it yourself

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honestly it was mostly burnout. things got hectic at the end, and since the month already required a fairly high amount of threading, adding a toplevel with yet more monster fighting seemed excessive.

it's great for group 2 ppl who wanted some physical interaction with the rest of the game at last, and for group 3 ppl who have probably felt pretty idle while this has been going down. so most of us not topleveling didn't feel like it was going to be a great loss to anyone.


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yeah, I'm feeling this. the reward could definitely have been more substantial for this amount of work, and shit was pretty poorly balanced there toward the end. but it's not like we were promised great and glorious prizes which were then withheld just because the mods didn't like us. so people are overreacting kind of a lot, although there are still valid complaints.

for a first major event like this in this game, I honestly don't think it was that bad. the mods made some mistakes, and hopefully they'll learn from it. it's not the end of the world. and I still had a lot of fun!

Another da

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After writing a few comments on the feedback, I understand why the mods might feel attacked right now. They sort of are but for various reasons. There's been some frustration building between players and the mod team.

I think honestly the feedback post should've went up a week later just for people to cool off and see straight. Quite a few were disappointed but of I think none of this is worth much grumbling about. Of course I say this after the matter.

The first and second week had me personally hooked but that third week did end somewhat badly. Still, this wasn't a bad event and the mods addressed the problems on their end.

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well maybe bc wanky ppl here do whine all the time when someone has an m/m or f/f only preference

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i've never found them that difficult? they're obviously trying to learn as they go and the most "difficult" i've seen them be is occasionally politely explaining why they have to say no to something.