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Name:the Gates of Wank
Posting Access:All Members
1. DON'T POST ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION!! This includes, but is not limited to, any of the following: Pictures, real name, address, phone number, or anything else like that. We don't care if it's 'public information.' Don't fucking post it. This includes links to external pages through which individuals could easily be "doxxed".

2. Don't leak locked Dreamwidth entries, as this is against the DW ToS. Locked DW entries may be discussed, paraphrased, or summarized, but screencaps, pastebins, and copy-pasted text are not allowed.

3. No harassing people. No bullying. You are always free to post RP threads or pastebins here to point and laugh at bad characterization or bad OOC behavior in the community, but do not encourage people to take wank off of WG. Do not encourage anons to contact or personally attack players under discussion. Do not encourage anons to act out of spite to hurt players under discussion. Thread offshoots that cross over into harassment will be deleted. If a wank topic becomes inherently abusive and linked to severe harassment, it may be at risk for total deletion on sight.
3a. Reasonable exceptions will be made for reasonable actions, like taking civil criticisms to HMDs, contacting game or meme mods with evidence of abusive behavior, or reaching out to defuse toxic situations.
4. Threads "fishing" for wank baselessly are at risk for deletion. This rule covers, in particular, threads that namedrop a player without recent suspicion/experience/proof of wanky behavior, threads that exhaustively list the accounts of targeted players, and threads aimed at digging up the player or past of a certain account without any observed present wrongdoing. This rule is not meant to prevent identification of players known for stalking, harassing, or chronically abusive behavior. This rule does not require that all namedrops include "hard evidence" of wrongdoing. It exists to prevent drama from being "manufactured" and simply asks that discussions begin with a focus on current developments; this rule will be always be enforced with context in mind, and with sensitivity to exceptional cases.

5. Wank topics not related to DWRP are at risk for deletion. This includes, but is not limited to, Tumblr RP, Tumblr fandom wank, and inconsequential RL details on DWRP community members.

6. Use content warnings for commonly triggering/upsetting subjects. This means putting in the subject header what the content of your post is. Things you should warn for include, but are not strictly limited to, rape/sexual assault, child abuse/pedophilia, suicide, and self-injury. Comments containing graphic details of commonly triggering subjects that are not properly warned for are at risk for deletion if they are reported as a problem.

7. There is to be no hate speech on this comm. This includes, but is not limited to, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and misogyny. Threads involving blatant hate speech are prone to blowing up, and will be treated as spam or spambait, at risk for deletion or freezing.

8. Contentless, inflammatory, "spam", or "troll" posts are always at risk for deletion if they obstruct discussion or clog up the comm. This includes wild, unfounded speculation on anon identities meant to deter posting (ex. accusing any anon objecting to an accusation of being the accused party, or similar), death threats or insults, and any inflammatory remarks that are accompanied by no valuable information and add nothing to discussion.
In the interest of the greater DWRP community, wank on RP quality in certain venues is not allowed and is at risk for deletion.

RP in private "musebox" communities is not to be linked or discussed on Wankgate.

Wank on RP in open, freeform "meme" posts will be moderated with a high degree of scrutiny, and threads which mock meme players for inconsequential aspects of their RP quality are subject to deletion.

Topics considered "inconsequential aspects" include:
  • shipping preferences
  • tagback frequency
  • post formatting
  • icon formatting or style
This is not meant to discourage the identification and calling-out of players who display abusive OOC behavior (such as chronic harassment, kink-pushing, or disregard for thread partners' comfort), and moderation of WG threads and comments will always take context into account.

This is also not meant to discourage general venting about RP pet peeves and unpleasant experiences anons may wish to retell or discuss.

However, as those who frequent WG are RPers themselves, it is in the best interest of this community to preserve spaces where new players can find their bearings without ridicule and old players can play low-pressure or indulgent content without holding to the standards imposed in games and other "formal" RP spaces.

Public mockery of harmless conduct in meme and musebox venues has had a negative impact on the DWRP community in the past, and through careful moderation, we hope to prevent strong negative influences on those venues in the future.

When posting on Wankgate, consider the reason for posting and the possible impact. Threads posted in particularly bad faith are always possible subjects for freezing or deletion.
The pinnacle of wank that WG aspires to:
  • Solid Deets: Is there evidence for the bad behavior?
  • Obvious Wrongdoing: Is the behavior clearly in bad faith and worth mocking?
  • Failure to Resolve: Has the subject of wank been approached about their behavior, and failed to improve?
Always consume or participate in wank with skepticism and good judgment. Anon offers the freedom to speak up about bad experiences, but it also gives trolls and grudgewankers an opportunity to fabricate wank or distort the truth. Keep the gold standard in mind whenever you post to or read WG!
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